The Volcanic Cuisine

The group Volcanic Cuisine was founded in 1994 
A group of restaurants that are consolidated based on a passionate cooking food uses more rooted in the region. They believe in the need to represent, promote and defend the territory and the whole agri-food area, they will use in their cuisine products grown, raised and processed by hand in our own region of Garrotxa and its surroundings have projected a cuisine available to all palates.

A county-based cooking a recipe traditional creative and daring, which increases concerns and its own culinary attractions of the area.
Given the richness and variety of our products as the group Volcanic Cuisine defending its full integrity in our cuisines and expanding its very own culinary curiosities.

La Garrotxa

Region rich with cultural and architectural monuments.
No longer enter into the deepest Alta Garrotxa, benefiting from major mountain ranges where there are exceptional views. Many hermitages, our Nature, forests, valleys and surrounded by basaltic cliffs of great botanical species and landscape. In Olot, our capital, there are buildings with hints of modernist art and twentieth century.

Charming small towns where time seems to stop and cast a significant wealth of monuments like the castle walls with primitive Paul, Romanesque bridge (s.XI) Besalú unique baths with Jews discovered in Spain, Roman roads that 2,000 years ago in December unite counties, villages and ancient streets with a special charm and variety of rides and routes that are enjoying a very unique landscape and location.

Garrotxa, wild land and poor mark.
It defined the ancestors of our land of volcanoes, and today we defend with pride and energy products that are grown kms away and located.

The characteristics of the land LA GARROTXA volcanic soil makes it fertile and rich, which affects the cooking of the region where culture and nature are the plate. Our products are quite unique and easily distinguishable grown in sufficient quantity to meet market needs.
Garrotxa has many more beautiful for people who are interested know it, food is one of its main attractions.

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